"The city is being swept away by the metropolis. This action does not just replace one noun with another, but radically turns one state of affairs into a state of perpetual motion. As a collective action -- a verb more than a noun -- the metropolis destabilizes our concepts of time and place. With the dissolution of the city into the forever- emerging metropolis, our existence slides into permanent mobility." - L. Lerup, in After the City


random hello...just got a letter from my parents who have joined the information age in order to read my blog. so this entry is for them : hi bo & yako. thank you for keeping up with me, for getting onto the computer to read about me, for dealing with my logistical loose ends, and for giving me our family's travel bug! here in hong kong i think of you both living down in repulse bay, when mom was just my age, getting tailored dresses made in vibrant colors of raw silk. while our family doesn't have many conventional traditions, i find myself wanting to follow in your footsteps of living a dynamic, nomadic life in diverse places around the globe. maybe i too will end up in hong kong for awhile, if i am only so lucky...love to you both, hello to anyone else reading, and thank you for taking the time with my words.

p.s. this photo is retrogressive, one of my last days in Mumbai in a park near the 'World Trade Center' tower, which is near the waterfront. the white thing in the background is a huge piece of styrofoam that these boys were playing with like an airplane as it caught the occasional gust of wind. eventually it got stuck in a tree...

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