"The city is being swept away by the metropolis. This action does not just replace one noun with another, but radically turns one state of affairs into a state of perpetual motion. As a collective action -- a verb more than a noun -- the metropolis destabilizes our concepts of time and place. With the dissolution of the city into the forever- emerging metropolis, our existence slides into permanent mobility." - L. Lerup, in After the City


thirty-four. pause.
the view of south SF from the plane is window-hazed, dust-littered, and abstract, but still gorgeously saturated with the hues of these red-algae salt ponds (for the science of it, see http://waynesword.palomar.edu/plsept98.htm).

the view: a prelude to a precious few days' worth of time spent feeling cool wind on post-tropical skin, vertical sidewalks beneath worn shoes, more green salads and strong black coffee than i'll ever want, and anticipations of imminent johannesburg, south africa, where i look forward to participating in Global Studio 2007 (http://wwwfaculty.arch.usyd.edu.au/web/future/globalstudio_jo/).

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Anonymous said...

i see no shanghai, i hope you didn't squeeze it out of your itinerary through having too much fun 'round lhasa, since its a city built to invoke the strongest of feelings for someone with your interests,

anyway, keep up the great writing on the blog,